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Do you struggle with the tax returns for your business every year? Perhaps you are self-employed and need some assistance filing your annual tax returns. Whatever the situation may be, we at Mandair & Co are on hand to assist, as we offer a professional tax return service Southampton can trust. 

With our years of experience and reliable, qualified team, we are able to handle any tax return service you may require. We will make sure you are paying the correct amount in tax and that your tax returns are filed on time. So, to find out more about our service, you need only get in touch with us today on 02380 332882

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Exceptional Tax Return Service Southampton Residents Can Count On

When it comes to filing your own tax returns, it can be a confusing and daunting experience. You need to make sure you are filing on time and that you are paying the correct amount of tax, or you can end up owing money.  

Rather than handle this process yourself, it can be beneficial to hire an accounting company to handle your tax returns for you, and this is where we come in at Mandair & Co. We offer a professional Southampton tax return service, and we will handle the entire process for you. 

From preparation of your accounts for the annual tax return to filing your tax return on time and ensuring you pay the correct amount; our team can do it all. We can even save you money by ensuring you don’t pay too much tax. Hiring our team will take the stress and hassle of tax returns off your shoulders. 

What is a Tax Return 

A tax return is paperwork you will need to fill out annually in order to report your income and capital gains for a tax year, along with claiming tax allowances or reliefs. This form needs to be sent to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) either on paper or online, and it needs to be returned on time.  

 A tax return is essentially a “return” of all your taxable income for the year. While most workers employed by a company will pay their tax “at source” through PAYE when they get paid monthly, self-employed workers need to file these taxes themselves. The process can get complicated, especially if you received foreign income and gains in the tax year. 


Bespoke Tax Return Service for All Business Stages

Here at Mandair & Co, we offer our Southampton tax return services for all business, regardless of the size or type. Whether your business is a start-up or a well established business with years of operation behind them, we can assist with your tax returns 

We offer a bespoke service for tax returns, as we know that every business will be different and have different requirements. You can always trust that our team of experienced accountants will file your tax return on time and ensure you pay the correct amount. 

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When Do You Need to Submit a Tax Return?


Most workers in the UK pay their taxes “at source”, meaning as they get paid monthly through Pay As You Earn (PAYE). This means they won’t have to file an annual tax return, as their taxes are deducted from their monthly pay. However, if you are self-employed, a business partner, a religious minister, or an executor or trustee of an estate, you will need to submit a tax return to HMRC. 

How to Make a Tax Return?


Making a tax return can be a complicated process, and it is a legal document that you need to fill out correctly, declaring any source of taxable income, no matter how small. To complete the Self-Assessment return correctly, you need to follow many individual processes, which can soon become confusing and stressful.  

This is why it is always recommended that you hire an accountant to handle the process for you, ensuring you file correctly and on time. At Mandair & Co, we know exactly how to proceed with tax returns, and you can trust our accountants to file everything correctly.


More Than Just Tax Return Services

Here at Mandair & Co, we can offer more than just tax return services to clients in Southampton. We are experienced chartered accountants, and we can offer a range of accounting services. These other accounting services include: 

  • Payroll Services 
  • Account Preparation 
  • Business Start-Up 
  • Bookkeeping 
  • Tax Returns 

Payroll Services

If you dread the monthly payroll, then why not hire our team of accountants to handle it for you? We have been assisting businesses with their payroll for over 20 years, so we have the experience to handle your payroll.  

Our team will take on and handle the entire payroll process for the administration of PAYE, including national insurance, sick pay, and more. We can also process HMRC monthly statutory form submission, any bonus payments and schemes, pension set-up, and much more. 

Account Preparation 

Another service we offer as professional accountants is account preparation. We can take the stress off your shoulders by carrying this out for you. Our team of accountants can prepare your accounts, ready for your tax returns to be filed to HMRC. We will ensure your company’s financial statements are correctly put together and that everything is ready for the annual tax return to be completed. 

Business Start-Up 

Starting your own business is exciting, but also incredibly complicated and daunting. One of the most complicated aspects of any business start-up is the financials, and these need to be handled correctly and expertly for your company to succeed. However, many business owners simply don’t have the experience required to handle the financial side of their company, and this is where we can assist. 

Our chartered accountants have years of experience in assisting business start-ups with their financials. From advice on all financial elements and helping to create a viable business plan, to other accounting services such as payroll and tax returns, we can assist. 


Here at Mandair & Co, we offer a complete bookkeeping service in Southampton. We can assist businesses of all sizes and types with our bookkeeping services, from self-employed sole traders to partnerships and limited companies. Our accountants can help you establish administrative systems, and we provide bespoke bookkeeping too. 

Our accountants can even train your own employees in bookkeeping services if required. You will receive a personal client manager who will oversee all enquiries and ensure your needs are being met. We can also provide help and guidance on a software package to suit your requirements.  

Tax Returns 

Our team of experienced accountants can help you with your annual tax returns. We will assist with the account preparation, ensuring everything is in order and ready to be filed with HMRC. Our accountants can handle the entire process for you, ensuring your tax returns are filed on time and that you are paying the correct amount of tax. 

Additional Services  

Here at Mandair & Co, we offer additional services alongside our standard accounting services. In Southampton, you can also rely on our experienced accountants for Forensic Accounting and other resources. 

Forensic Accounting 

Forensic accounting has become increasingly important over the years, but not many accountants offer this service. It is a specialist service that involves investigative accounting work, and this needs to meet the standards required by a court of law. These forensic accounting services are required in matters of tax fraud, money laundering, and other illegal operations. 

You can expect our team of forensic accountants to work diligently throughout, ensuring we provide a thorough service. They can identify any anomalies in accounts and find evidence to support or dispel claims of illegal activity. 


We offer a range of online resources for our clients, some of which include: 

  • Income Tax Calculator 
  • Self-Assessment Budget 
  • Stamp Duty Land Tax 
  • And Much More! 

Other Areas We Cover 

We are accountants that work throughout Southampton, Portsmouth, and Winchester. Our team can cater to clients in all the surrounding areas too, so reach out to us today. 

Why Choose Our Tax Return Service, Southampton Clients?

Here at Mandair & Co, we have chartered accountants with years of experience backing us. We have assisted many clients over the years, carrying out a wide range of accounting services. From bookkeeping and payroll to business start-ups and tax returns, we can assist with any financial aspects of your business. 


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