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Are you looking for professional accounting services to assist you with your new endeavour?

Then you should consider calling Mandair & Co as we’re happy to assist any small business that’s just getting started. Our team of chartered accountants are called on regularly by small businesses, and our accountancy assists many clients throughout Southampton and beyond. Established in 1999, we’ve built up a lot of trust with a lot of people over the last 22 years. 

Our exceptional range of accounting services makes it easy for small business owners to manage the financial aspects of running a company. You don’t have to worry about submitting tax returns, managing the books, or overseeing payroll, as we take care of these and more. We provide an accounting service that’s tailored to your needs. It’s this bespoke approach that’s made us hugely popular with small businesses. For more details, get in touch with Mandair & Co by calling 02392 756440. 

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The Number One Small Business Accountants in Southampton 

Dealing with the financial aspects of running a small business needn’t be an insurmountable hurdle. If you need basic or more advanced accounting services, look no further than Mandair & Co as we’re the top accountancy in Southampton. We help small businesses flourish by helping to keep their business finances healthy, leaving business owners to focus on company growth. 

About Our Small Business Accountants Service 

Starting your own business is an exciting time but can be short-lived if you don’t possess a complete understanding of what’s needed. We help small businesses in Southampton with all financial aspects, from creating a viable business plan to establishing the right business structure. Our accounting services are extensive and include: 

  • Cashflow Projections, Budgeting, and Financial Planning 
  • Financial Requirement and Funding 
  • Companies House and HMRC Assistance
  • Pension Schemes and Payroll 

Benefits of Hiring us as Your Accountant 

We know that it can be daunting trying to find the right accounting services to suit your needs. Every business has different needs, so you can’t simply rely on a “one-size-fits-all” type of service. Not every accountancy offers as many accounting services as we do. And that’s just one of the many benefits of choosing. Other benefits include: 

  • ICAEW Chartered Accountants 
  • 20+ Years of Experience 
  • Xero Silver Partner 
  • Three Locations – Southampton, Portsmouth, and Winchester 
  • Fully Qualified, Regulated Accounting Professionals 

Experienced and Trustworthy 

Entrusting your business’s finances to complete strangers can be difficult, but we want you to know that as ICAEW chartered accountants, you can trust Mandair & Co 100%. Our accounting team are regularly audited and held to an exacting standard. Small business owners can put their business’s finances in our capable hands, safe in the knowledge that our accountancy has assisted hundreds of small businesses over the years. 

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The Services We Offer  

As mentioned above, we at Mandair & Co can provide small businesses with a wide range of accounting services, such as help with VAT, business analysis, forensic accounting, and help with tax investigations. 

Account Preparation  

Running any business is a full-time commitment which is where our account preparation service comes in. Speak to our accounting team, and we’ll make sure your accounts and annual returns are made ready on time, ready for submission to the HMRC and Companies House. 


Nobody likes bookkeeping; unless you’re our accounting team, then you love it. We provide access to cutting-edge software packages to help you keep on top of your company’s bookkeeping. We’ll even train you and your team in the use of the software, making the whole process hassle-free. 

Business Start-Up  

We’ve focused on this a lot in this article, but it’s worth reiterating that we’re here to assist small business start-ups with getting their finances in order. This includes cash flow projections, budgeting, financial planning, establishing pension schemes, payroll, and preparing HMRC/ Companies House submissions. 


A workforce needs to be paid, and the ability to pay your employees on time and in full we’ll make for a happy workforce. We can handle your payroll, from the administration of PAYE, national insurance, and sick pay to bonus payments, incentive schemes, staff benefits, maternity/ paternity pay, etc. 

Tax Returns  

Besides accountants, very few people actually enjoy submitting tax returns, yet they are a legal requirement. If you’re not paying enough tax or paying on time, you could face financial penalties or even prison time. Likewise, you could be paying too much tax. Our accounting team will ensure your tax returns are prepared and submitted on time and that you’re paying only what you need to. 

Business Analysis  

If you’re looking to introduce and manage a change to your business, you’ll need to go through a process known as business analysis. This is a disciplined approach in which our accounting professionals identify and articulate ways to bring about a much-needed change to how the company operates. This can have positive benefits financially. 


Most businesses operate by selling products or services. Virtually any item or service that’s sold is subject to Value Added Tax. This is usually calculated based on the value of the product or service. All businesses must wrangle with VAT, and, for some, this can be a constant headache. Fortunately, our accounting team can take of this headache for you. 

Tax Investigation  

If you suspect that you’ve been paying too much tax or not enough tax, you’ll need to request a tax investigation. Such an investigation is usually carried out by the HMRC, who will look at your tax payment history. To ensure you’re ready for a tax investigation, our accounting team will go over your books from top to bottom and identify any problem areas. 

Forensic Accounting  

Often, businesses will be faced with a predicament where money has gone missing and cannot be located. This could be a simple accounting error or a sign of foul play. Whatever the situation might be, the most effective way to track down and recover the missing money is through forensic accounting. We can do this for you and even provide financial findings as evidence along with expert testimonial. 

We Are ICAEW Chartered Accountants  

As officially recognised ICAEW chartered accountants, small business owners can fully trust us to provide the most dependable accounting services possible. All our chartered accountants are fully regulated with their conduct and performance actively monitored. We’re authorised to provide small businesses with a wide range of accounting services. All accountants are responsible and fully accountable, providing members of the public with complete peace of mind. 

What is an ICAEW Chartered Accountant  

We are proud to be associated with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW). The ICAEW consists of more than 150,000 members and acts as an independent regulator. The role of the ICAEW is to protect the public interest by ensuring that accounting firms, members, students, and affiliates are working to the highest standards of professional conduct. 

Our Other Accountancy Offices  

Besides what’s already been mentioned above, we at Mandair & Co also provide an array of other accounting services. One such example is pension auto-enrolment schemes. Employers must now automatically enrol employees on a workplace pension scheme. We’ll get this set up, send out the necessary instructions to employees, and provide details on how to opt out.  

And that’s not all; other accounting services provided by us include: 

  • Mediation 
  • Valuation of Shares (in a Private Limited Company) 
  • Financial Advice 
  • And More! 

Portsmouth Office  

Besides our Southampton office, we’re pleased to operate an office in the Portsmouth area. If your business is based in this location, get in touch with our accountancy to see how we can help your small business. 

Winchester Office  

We have offices in Southampton, Portsmouth, and Winchester. Small businesses based in Winchester have greatly benefitted from our expertise over the years, and yours can too! 

Why We Are the Best Small Business Accountants Southampton Clients Can Get 

Founded in 1999, Mandair & Co has been the go-to team of ICAEW chartered accountants for many businesses for the last 22 years. We provide a bespoke service with accounting packages tailored to our clients’ needs. With a wide range of financial capabilities, we can take care of all your business’s financial needs or whatever areas you’d rather offload. 

Our experts are friendly and knowledgeable and will always act in your company’s best interests. And with accountancy services that are this affordable, we’re perfect for small businesses just starting to find their way in the world. 

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If you’re a small business looking to make your way in the world, you’ll need to have an excellent grasp o your financial situation. For small businesses, poorly managed finances can be a death knell. You might be someone who hates finances or doesn’t have a head for numbers. Remember that any mistake, no matter how small, can be costly. So, it’s better to not take chances and enlist a professional accountancy firm. 

In Southampton, Mandair & Co are the number one accounting firm, providing first-class accounting services for both large and small businesses. We assist small business owners, ensuring their finances are in order so they are free to focus on growing their fledgling company. If you require accounting services and would like to get in touch, call us on 02392 756440. 

You can also get in touch by completing our online contact form or emailing, and we’ll be in touch