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Account preparation can be very stressful and confusing. If you are looking for an accountancy firm that can help by taking care of your books, we have the best experts for you. Here at Mandair & Co, we have the best experts that are trusted to take care of this field.  

Mandair & Co can take care of your accounting and annual returns, so you don’t have to. However, your company must stay on top of its finances, and we can help you with that by employing our accounting experts.  

We offer a stress-free service that ensures your total satisfaction. We provide a variety of accounting services, including payroll and bookkeeping, in addition to drafting your accounts. So, you can concentrate on operating your business when you have a team of chartered accountants looking after your money. You can get in touch with our accounting team now at 02380 332882 for more information about what we can do to assist you.  

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The Number One Hampshire Account Preparation Service  

To operate a successful business, you must consider all aspects, including the financial ones. While every business owner should have a strong understanding of their company’s financial numbers, you may not have the accounting know-how. It might get complicated at times, which will hinder your time and resources. Mandair & Co enter the picture at this point. We are a team of seasoned and experienced accountants that work with a variety of organisations.  

Our team of accountants will double-check your financial accounts for accuracy. They will also prepare all HMRC and Companies House paperwork and files. This allows you to return to managing your business without having to worry about your financial records. As a result, you can count on Mandair & Co to take care of your economic prospects most successfully and efficiently.  

A Professional Team for Your Account Preparation  

When it comes to any accounting service, you should be sure you choose a trained and experienced staff. We can assure you we offer you the most professional team for your account preparations. At Mandair & Co, we’re managed by managing partner Richard Mandair ACA, who founded the business in 1999. Richard graduated as a chartered accountant in 1996, and his essential experience has helped our accounting business become a well-known name in Hampshire.  

Richard started the company on his own, but he has since grown, bringing in a staff of accounting specialists. Ayesha Pearce, Peter Clay FCA, Tawny Rider, Rabbir Ahamed, Annemarie Marshall, Imran Sumra, and Diana Sefton are among the 15 trained specialists that make up Mandair & Co. The 15-member squad includes Danny Rumsey, Lauren Ford, Sam Ellwood, Mia Mandair, and Amri Mandair. So, you can rest assured your account is in safe and professional hands.  

What is Account Preparation?  

Year-end accounts must be filed or presented by all Limited Companies, Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs), and many charity organisations operating in the United Kingdom.  

Accounts are open to the public and may be viewed by anybody. This implies that the individuals you interact with professionally (whether they’re clients, customers, or suppliers) can all verify your trustworthiness, and credit agencies may use this information to determine your creditworthiness. As a result, they must be maintained up to date, accurate, and presented in the proper format.  

Here at Mandair & Co, our professionals will prepare your account with full attention to all major and minor details. You can rest confident we can handle your limited company business accounts no matter the complexity of the situation. You will win time and invest your reasonable efforts elsewhere and leave the complex tasks to our professionals.  

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More than just Account Preparation Company  

There’s little question that you’ll need our accounting business to produce your accounts, but we also handle a variety of additional accounting services. Various accounting duties must be completed to guarantee that your firm does not fall behind on its financial commitments. We also provide the following services in addition to account preparation:  

  • Bookkeeping  
  • Business Start-Up  
  • Payroll  
  • Tax Returns  

We also provide advice and help on VAT, business analysis, tax investigation, and mediation in company conflicts, in addition to the accounting services listed. We also offer forensic accounting, pension auto-enrolment, financial advising, and much more.  


Mandair & Co. provides a comprehensive bookkeeping and accounting service to businesses in Southampton, Winchester, and Portsmouth. We help companies of all shapes and sizes, from sole traders to partnerships to small and medium-sized limited liability corporations. We also have expertise supporting new firms in setting up their administrative systems and can give individualised bookkeeping and training if necessary.  

Even though we are a small office, we care deeply about all of our customers and take pleasure in the level of service we can provide. Each of our clients is assigned a client manager who will assist you with all of your business questions and guarantee that we fully comprehend your company and its requirements.  

Business Start-Up  

We recognise that startups require accounting services that can keep up with their operations. However, we understand that one of the most crucial criteria is flexibility, and we can provide a corporate accounting solution that is adapted to your company’s needs. To learn more about how we can help your company startup flourish, contact our Southampton, Portsmouth, or Winchester offices today.  


With our specialised payroll services, Mandair & Co has been assisting businesses in managing all aspects of their payroll for over 20 years. The following are some of the most critical aspects of our payroll services.  

Get in contact with Mandair & Co immediately if you want to outsource your payroll services to a reputable firm. Our chartered accountants and tax experts can help businesses in Southampton, Portsmouth, Winchester, and the surrounding regions with a wide variety of payroll services. In addition, we’d be happy to assist you if you’re trying to cut down on the time it takes to manage your monthly payroll and want a reliable, fast, and efficient service.  

Tax Return  

Tax returns, whether for personal or corporate purposes, maybe the most terrifying portion of the year. Self-assessment tax returns are time-consuming and hard to complete due to the complexity of the UK tax legislation. We at Mandair & Co want to relieve you of the worry that comes with tax returns. We want to make sure you pay the proper amount without having to worry about it. So, we will prepare your tax return precisely and swiftly while saving you money with our tax services.  

Areas We Service  

We take pride in offering our exquisite services that help your business flourish in Southampton, Portsmouth, and Winchester. No matter the service you might need, whether account preparation or tax return and payroll, our expert team is ready to help you through everything.  

From single traders and social clubs to partnerships and limited businesses, our accountants have dealt with a wide range of customers. We can still offer the assistance and quality you need for all your business, accountancy, and tax needs in Hampshire, whether your company is a Limited Company, a partnership, or you are operating on your own. We work with clients from throughout the South of England.  


Why Choose us for your Hampshire Account Preparation?  


You can rely on our staff to handle all of your accounting needs since we have more than two decades of expertise in the financial field. As previously stated, Richard Mandair ACA founded Mandair & Co in 1999, and our reputation for offering competent services has grown since then.  

Our firm’s growth from one leader to a strong staff of 15 is a testament to the exceptional counsel and assistance we provide to our clients. We realise how rough and brutal keeping track of your financial records, especially if numbers aren’t your strong suit. With our staff of accountants on hand, you’ll never have to worry about keeping track of your finances.  

Our dependable crew is highly qualified, efficient, and always accessible to provide you with the information you want. We like working directly with our clients to ensure that they have access to their most recent financial documents. Furthermore, each service we give is completely customised to our client’s requirements. Some of our rivals do not provide this level of personalised attention; we go above and above to help you.  

Our Online Resources 

Here at Mandair & Co, we prioritise our client’s time and comfort, which is why we are proud we can offer our online resources at our clients’ disposal. We offer you our resources to help your business online through our income tax calculator, our self-assessment tax, national employee insurance, national insurance contributions, and much more. This way, you can get your answers and improve your business’ paperwork through our help. Of course, you can always reach out to our professionals for our service through this journey.  



Now that you have read much about our account Preparation for our Hampshire clients, you can read the experiences for yourself to get your idea. We are grateful for the excellent reputation our loyal clients give us that reflects our impeccable work through their reviews to friends and peers. Next, you can head to our Testimonials page, which might lead you to your comfort.  


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Now that you have learnt much about our account preparation services here in Hampshire, we are confident you will contact Mandair & Co for help with your accounts, no matter the complexity. Our professional accountants are ready to help you grow your business and maintain its papers, allowing you to focus on the blooming of your business. If you don’t have much experience with accounting, it’s a good idea to engage our business.  

Our accounting professionals can help you whether you already have a business or are just getting started. Call us at 02380 332882 to talk about your business accounts with a member of our staff. You may also contact us by sending an email to admin@mandairandco.co.uk or filling out our online contact form, and we will respond as soon as possible. 

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