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Are you looking for a bookkeeper Southampton businesses can rely on?

Are you tired of dealing with your business’s finances? Are you concerned that you may be paying too much tax or too little? Perhaps you’re haemorrhaging money and are not entirely sure how or from where. Finances can be a never-ending headache, and, let’s face it, a lot of people simply don’t enjoy numbers the way accountants do. 

If this all sounds familiar, then you’re in good company. For bespoke bookkeeping services tailored to your business’s needs, just call Mandair & Co. We provide a range of accounting services to both companies and self-employed individuals. To get started, call our bookkeepers now on 02380 332 882. 

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The Most Efficient Bookkeeper Southampton Residents Can Trust 

If you’re looking for professional, reliable bookkeeping solutions delivered by a trusted team of bookkeepers, look no further than Mandair & Co. From small-medium-sized businesses to self-employed sole traders, our services are scalable to suit all requirements and budgets. 

We’re very experienced in setting up as well as maintaining existing administrative systems. With our bookkeepers by your side, you won’t have to worry about finances anymore. All services are personalised, and we will talk you through everything before taking any action. 

Mandair & Co are a team of accountants you can trust. We spare you the stress and time of dealing with your finances, leaving you more time to focus on growing your business. 

Our Premium Bookkeeping Services 

At Mandair & Co, we strongly believe that you shouldn’t have to pay a fortune for premium accounting services. We’ve made our services as competitively priced as possible; plus, you can cherry-pick the services you want, so you’re not paying for services you don’t need. 

We feel that our bookkeeping expertise represents excellent value for your business, and we highly recommend that you consider letting us handle your finances. 

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Why You Need a Professional Company for Bookkeeping  

You should consider a professional bookkeeping service for several reasons. Professional bookkeepers help as they:


  • Save You Time 
  • Understand Your Business 
  • Help Manage Cash Flow 
  • Ensure That You’re Paying the Right Amount of Tax

These reasons are self-explanatory, with the last one especially important to note. That’s because you could end up in legal trouble if you’re not paying enough tax.

Crucially, your business’s finances will be a lot healthier and your business a lot more profitable with the help of our bookkeepers. Plus, it’s one less thing to worry about. 

Personal Client Manager 

Despite being a small accounting firm, that hasn’t affected just how committed we are to meeting our clients’ individual needs. We provide a personalised service that is easily scalable to the current requirements of your business. 

Every client will be assigned a dedicated project manager from our team of bookkeepers in Southampton. They will assist you with all your enquiries on an ongoing basis and ensure that you’re getting exactly what you want, with no compromises. 

Value for Money 


Hiring professional bookkeeping services is an additional expense and one you might feel you could do without. Consider what we offer and the time and stress saved, and you’ll find that our service represents excellent value for money. 

With Mandair & Co, you will never have to worry about hidden fees or any unwanted surprises when you get your invoice. Everything will be discussed upfront, and we’re confident that you’ll find our fees to be very competitive. 


Account Preparation 


We’ll get your company’s financial statements ready, ensure that everything is prepared for HMRC and Companies House, and assist you with a wide range of other accounting services. In short, we help


make sure that your accounts are airtight and ready to go. 


Business StartUp


If you’ve just launched a new business, we can help with matters such as creating a viable and feasible business plan. We provide the support to ensure your fledgling business has the best start.


Other Areas We Cover 


In addition to Southampton, our bookkeeping and accounting services are also available in Portsmouth, Winchester, and the surrounding areas. 


Who Benefits the Most from Our Bookkeeping Services



If you’re unsure as to whether you need professional bookkeeping services, consider the following: Are your books outdated? Do you lack time to give them the attention they deserve? Do you only ever update your books before tax season? Have you missed out on tax deductions? Do you feel like you need a break from bookkeeping?

You should also ask yourself the following questions: Do you feel confident in your bookkeeping skills? Is your cash flow unpredictable? Is bookkeeping removing you from high-growth areas? Are you paying your bookkeeper too much? 

That last one might be a little puzzling; you see, bookkeeping and accounting aren’t the same things. Bookkeepers can often look after your books for less than you’d be paying an accountant. However, Mandair & Co, despite being chartered accountants, will never charge more than what a bookkeeper elsewhere would charge you. 

So, by choosing us, you get the best of both worlds. As for the other questions listed above, your answers will indicate whether our services are for you. 



More Than Just Bookkeepers in Southampton  



As a full-service accountancy, we at Mandair & Co offer more than just bookkeeping services. Other services include account preparation and business start-up support. 


Why Choose Our Professional Bookkeepers Southampton Residents? 

Mandair & Co was first founded in 1999, and over the last 23 years, we’ve continued to go from strength to strength. Today, we’re widely regarded as the best bookkeepers in Southampton. Our bookkeeping services are second-to-none, built on regular client contact and truly personalised service. 

As a company, it makes us very proud that a lot of people now hire our Southampton bookkeepers after discovering our team through a referral. This inspires us to maintain our unique approach and always go the extra mile to facilitate a customer requirement, whatever it may be. 

Why not get in touch with us for an informal chat and some impartial advice from true industry professionals? You don’t have any obligation to enlist our services – we’d be happy to just listen to your needs and offer you advice regarding the most effective course of action. 




If you’re considering utilising our accounting services but are still on the fence, let our satisfied customers sway you with their exceptional testimonials. 

Contact Our Bookkeepers Today 

If you require honest, reliable, professional bookkeeping services in Southampton, you should know who to call, having read through the above article. Our team of chartered accountants are proficient at balancing the books, ensuring that companies stay in the black. With our broad range of services, you can leave the finances to us while you focus on what you do best. 

To find out more about what we do here at Mandair & Co, pick up the phone and call our bookkeeping team today on 02380 332 882. You can also contact us using us contact form or by emailing our business at