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Have you been looking to outsource your accountancy tasks and processes? Do you need a reliable team of accounting experts who are able to take your business’ accounting to the next level? If that happens to be the case, then welcome to Mandair & Co.  

Our team of accounting experts are entirely committed to delivering nothing less than the best accounting services for your Southampton business. In order to learn more about our range of services, please contact us now at  02380 332882.  

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Exceptional Accountants Southampton Residents Can Rely On 

We’re honored to be regarded as the best accountants Southampton has to offer here at Mandair & Co. Our employees are proud of their ability to provide first-class service to all clients, and they go above and beyond to meet and exceed expectations wherever possible. We strive to provide personalized service to ensure that all of our clients’ demands are addressed. Continue reading to learn more about our accounting services and why we’re such a popular firm. 

We’ve been in business as the top chartered accountants in Southampton for almost 20 years, and we’ve only continued to strengthen our already impressive list of services. As a consequence of our consistently exceptional service, we’ve developed a loyal client base, and we hope to build even more long-term connections with local businesses in the future. Many people believe us to be the best accountants Southampton has to offer because of our excellent local reputation. 

Why You Need Accountants

While undertaking our recruitment process, we make sure that every single individual in our staff is a chartered accountant. For our Southampton clients who do not know what this term means, it means professional accountants who have the knowledge and ability to carry out any accountancy service needed. We are always proud to say that we have an entire team of ICAEW chartered accountants who are ready to answer to your every need. 

We believe that a chartered accountant has more abilities in accountancy than a normal individual. Our business provides only the best accounting services to all the customers here in Southampton. When you work with our team of chartered accountants, you get: 

  • Expert Financial Advice 
  • A Broad Range of Accounting Services 
  • A Personalised Approach 
  • Quick and Efficient Work Management 
  • And Much More! 

These advantages are what put us in the highest ranks, making us the go to local business in Southampton for chartered accountants. You can always contact our team in case you want to get further information about what is outlined above or if you want some more details about chartered accountants. We are always ready for your questions and inquiries, so kindly contact us at 02380 332882 for any details. 

How Can Our Chartered Accountants Help You 

Our Southampton customers can always rest assured that their work is being done professionally, since all our staff members are chartered accountants who have plenty of expert knowledge in accountancy. You can rely on us to get your work done perfectly and in the most timely manner. Our Southampton business can always assist you with business start up, payroll, account preparation, and even bookkeeping. The challenging accounting projects we worked on previously in the past had been all done professionally and with high standards. 

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Bookkeeping can be seen as a complicated task for a lot of people. Yet, it is an important activity that all companies should work on to keep track of all accounts and make sure all the financial activities are going right. Some companies’ time is not efficient enough to undergo bookkeeping, and that is why they prefer to hire expert accountants to do their work. 

Southampton companies should not worry whatsoever since our business offers a bookkeeping service to help other struggling companies. Our team will help you determine what bookkeeping service you need, along with putting a suitable work schedule. You can rest assured that we will always give you the bookkeeping updates of your business, and that you will never have any work overload when our business is by your side. 

We can provide you with bookkeeping services, but that’s not just it, as we also provide training services for your team and employees. Our business makes sure that you manage your accounting books successfully by providing you with tools and ways. Our staff will put their hearts into making sure you do. If the idea of training interests you, you can contact our team right now and we will be here for you! 

Fast Account Preparation 

If you are someone who owns managed businesses in Southampton, finding time to manage your business and prepare your accounts might seem nearly impossible. If that is the case, then worry not. Our business will provide you with only the best accountants to do your work. This will save you time, effort, and stress. Our business will take care of your company’s financial statements in detail, this will help you focus on your business in detail and worry less about accountancy. 

Due to the many years of experience we have acquired in the accounting business, our team has learned that the approach for every account preparation is different for every business. We will help you figure out what preparation work you need to get done. We will work on your accounts to make them well prepared and presented to be perfect for HMRC. By hiring our team, you are saving a lot of stress, since we work professionally so no issues with your account will ever arise. 

The account preparation services we provide will give you sufficient time to dive more into your business, so make sure to contact us if you feel like you have work overload that is causing you stress and lack of motivation. 

Start Up Solutions 

It can be a hard task to start a new business, especially if you have no knowledge whatsoever concerning financial work. Your business ought to fall in a dark pit during the first year if you have no financial plans in place. You can refer to us for business start up advice and guidance from our professional accountants in order to get your finances on the right track. 

Our role at Mandair & Co begins here, as we can guide you through every concern about financial elements and creating a suitable business plan. We will help you with any need, and you can always rely on our team of accountants in boosting and enhancing your business. From budgeting, to financial planning, payroll and panison, cash flow projections, and business plan, Mandair & Co is the company for you. 

Our team will always guide you step by step to achieve your goals with full satisfaction with the plan we created for your business. Our company might stay in touch with you to make sure your finances are on the correct track. This support and follow up will help in boosting your business to reach success and growth. 

Payroll Made Easy by Our Chartered Accountants

Payroll is a main task that all companies will inevitably do, since it is responsible for making sure that every worker is getting their salary at the correct time. Payroll can be challenging to work with in case you have either a small establishment without an accountant, or a large organization. That is why you should definitely have accountants that take care of your payroll chores from the slightest to the biggest details, such as applying tax to liaising with the HMRC. 

We are the company for you in case you are looking for a suitable company that will take care of all your payroll work. We have been providing payroll services to companies for over 20 years. You can always rely on our team since they provide your company with an efficient and fast service across a wide range of elements. Our team has experience in everything concerning payroll services such as: bonus payments, branded payslips, staff benefits, and incentive schemes.  

If you work with us, you can always rely on our team to have their payslips work all done by the required time so you won’t be late in paying your team’s salaries.  

Tax Returns 

Filing annual tax returns is tiring, personal tax planning does not only take a lot of time and effort, but it is also a priority in case you run your own business. Filing annual tax returns is one of the things that all businesses must undergo on a daily basis since it is a priority. By hiring our team, you can rest assured that you are paying the right exact amount of tax you are owed without any concerns. Our team will make sure to complete your annual tax return by the required time, and they will tend to save you a lot of money. 

The part that benefits you the most when hiring professional accountants is that they save you as much money as they can as they are taking care of your tax returns. Many companies look for the slightest chance to save money on paying tax, yet they lose more money on business practices. Here at Mandair & Co, we know all the tips on cost-saving and paying the bare minimum on VAT and corporation tasks which can put you at ease. 

Additional Services We Offer

Accountancy Firm Southampton

Our company accountants can assist you with many other services, some of these services are: 

  • VAT Concerns and Returns 
  • Dispute Mediation and Resolution 
  • Tax Investigations 
  • Appropriate Business Analysis 
  • Forensic Accounting by Experts 
  • And Much More! 


Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting has been getting more popular in the field of accounting, despite the fact that not many companies are familiar with it. This type of accounting is specialized in investigative accounting which is usually used in the court of law. Companies facing legal issues should undergo forensic accounting in order to follow the best practice possible. 

Our Southampton  team can help you in this situation. We can provide you with our team of forensic accountants who have a lot of experience and knowledge in delivering services that help solving money laundering, tax frauds, and many other similar accusations. Our teams are experts in identifying theft and fraud precisely with many years of experience. 

Our employees will use the training they’ve received to spot irregularities in accounts and gather proof to back up or refute any suspicions of unlawful behavior. While forensic accountants are not always required, there may come a moment when their services are critical to the success of your company. In such instances, you can guarantee that our skilled team at Mandair & Co is ready to provide you with the best possible service. 

Tax Investigation 

When it comes to situations where Tax Investigation is needed, you can rest assured that our team has got you covered. Tax investigation can be a crucial element that may or may not prevent your business from getting into legal trouble. Needless to say, it is essential that you have an expert team of professionals to be undertaking your tax investigation. 

Our Resources 

All business owners are aware of how critical accounting work is to their company’s long-term success. They must also be aware that accounting jobs are as difficult and time-consuming as they are necessary. You may lighten your workload and devote more attention to more important business matters by hiring a team of pros. As a result, one of the most significant advantages of employing accountants for Southampton clients is that you will save a significant amount of time. 

Another approach to benefit from professional accounting services is to have outsourced work that is done for you that you would not be able to perform yourself. Some aspects of accounting, such as forensic accounting, necessitate a high level of education and experience. As a result, having such services handled by a team of professionals who can successfully manage delicate situations is critical. Having this choice is advantageous to all firms. 

Finally, working with chartered accountants in Southampton provides you with the opportunity to gain knowledge that is essential for your business operations. Here at  Mandair & Co,we  are delighted to provide training in various areas of accounting to your workers. Clients can access a variety of extra resources on our website, including calculators that are aimed at calculating company car fees in addition to income tax and national insurance contributions. 

You want to hire the most experienced and trustworthy firm that would be taking on your finances. Here at  Mandair & Co, we are a firm with years of experience handling a wide range of accounting services. We have the insight and expertise to offer you with the help and advice you require, regardless of the size or kind of your company. 

Why Choose Our Professional Accountants Southampton Residents?

The solution for you in case you are a small business aiming to get your books in order is to hire expert accountants. Our team of accountants can save you from mistakes you might commit which will cause you pitfalls and loss of money or even falling foul of the law. It is known that the world of finance is a complicated place. 

Not having knowledge about the subject may affect you negatively. So, it is safer to hire professional accountants such as us here at Mandair & Co. We listed our top five benefits that you can go over: 

  • Tax Experts 
  • Assists with Managing Complex Accounting Tasks 
  • Can Provide a Small Business a Wealth of Advice 
  • Saves You Time 
  • Keeps Your Costs Down to a Bare Minimum 

So, if you read these listed advantages, you will figure that there is a lot to expect from our team of experts. You can save money from now on through hiring our professional team. 

If you are looking for a professional accountancy firm in Southampton, you will need a company that will make you always assured and rested. Mandair & Co is an experienced company, knowledgeable with any accounting service a client may ever need. Our company was established in 1999, and since then, we grew with our amazing team of 15 professional accountants. 

Our Southampton clients can rely on us with any service they  need no matter what the size and nature of their company is. We have experience with all kinds of companies to provide support and services. You will always get a personalized service specified for your business and its needs. 

Our professional team will get your work done quickly, efficiently, with friendly customer service. If your payroll, tax returns, or any accounting elements are stressing you out, contact us to provide you with the best hassle free services. Nothing is considered hard and impossible for our team, so contact us with any accounting project and we will guide you and help you with a suitable plan.  

We’ve worked with a lot of local clients over the years, and we’ve managed to keep them all happy with our exceptional range of services. At every given opportunity, we go above and beyond for our clients to ensure that all of their requirements are met. We’ve received numerous good reviews as a result of our efforts, the majority of which can be seen on our dedicated testimonials page. The remarks on this page will almost certainly persuade you that we are the best accountants Southampton has to offer. 

We are the only accountants you need to call thanks to our expert team, comprehensive range of accounting services, and numerous years of experience. 

Taxation, Finance, Accountancy, Business Advice.

About Us

Our company was established in 1999, and we have a team made up of 15 professionals who are dedicated to what they do. We are an experienced team in a large array of accounting services such as finance, taxation, and start-up advice.  

Our experience has expanded to many places as we have dealt with a lot of different clients being both small and large. We have also dealt with social traders, limited companies, social clubs, and many partnerships. Whatever the nature of your company is, whether you are working alone, have a partnership, or even if you are a limited company, we will provide you with only the best services and support you need for your business, taxation needs, and accountancy 

Our three offices are spread in the south, located in Winchester, Southampton, and Portsmouth. 


Visit our testimonials page for more information about what to expect in terms of customer service when working with us. Seeing these outstanding testimonials firsthand should provide you with all of the security you require in choosing our Southampton accountants above any other firm. 

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So, if you’d like to take advantage of the best accounting services in Southampton, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team at Mandair & Co today. Our team will be more than willing to go through your queries and get you started with our services.

For further information on our services as accountants, Southampton clients can contact us by calling 02380 332882, by emailing or via post at 84 Lodge Road, Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 6RG. One of our dedicated team will be more than happy to discuss your business and requirements.