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We are one of the leading Southampton companies offering some of the best accounting and business tax services money can buy. Our team of Southampton accounting and business tax services experts cannot wait to get started with helping you get your accounting portfolio sorted. 

If you have been on the lookout for the best company offering Southampton accounting and business tax services, then you have done the right thing by coming to us here at Mandair & Co. Our Southampton accounting and business tax services are led by 15 astounding accounting experts who will stop at nothing to provide you with the assistance that you require. 

Please do not hesitate to contact our team of Southampton accounting and business tax services experts for any enquiries you might have. Call us now on 02380 332882 and our Southampton accounting and business tax services specialists will assist you in any way they can. 

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Exceptional Accountancy Firm in Southampton  

Here at Mandair & Co, we are proud to be among the finest accountants in Southampton. Our staff has the capability to offer nothing less than the best services to all our clients, especially in Southampton. We work hard to deliver personalised services to make sure that the needs of our clients in Southampton are professionally done by our accountants. Our accounting services make us such a highly sought-after firm. You can now read on to discover more about our accountants and the services we offer. 

For over 20 years, Mandair & Co has been operating as chartered accountants in Southampton, and during that time our capabilities have expanded greatly.  Our amazing services have helped us build a loyal client base. Our unique services continue to build us a great reputation which gives us the privilege of being considered the best accountants in all of Southampton. 


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Account Preparation 

Our Southampton clients can rest easy due to the fact that all of our staff are chartered accountants, which means that your work is getting done professionally. You can always rely on our Southampton team for great services for your business. We’ve had experiences in many challenging accounting projects in the past, and we consistently deliver every time. 

If you are a business owner, we know that it takes you a lot of time to manage a business. With the help of our accountants, we save you a lot of time by handling all your accounts preparation. Each accountant of ours here in Southampton will work hard on tackling your accounting requests, so you’re free to focus your efforts elsewhere. 

We offer the best tax accountancy services you can find here in Southampton. Our tax accountancy services will help you save time. Not to mention that the tax accountancy services are the sum of the hard work of every accountant of ours here in Southampton, so you can be at ease. 

The work of our accountants makes up our amazing services which give you more time in looking after the aspects of your business. So, make sure to contact us in case the finances of your firm are giving you a hard time and leaving you overwhelmed.  



Bookkeeping looks to be a tedious task for many people. Nonetheless, it is an essential step that all businesses must take in order to keep track of their money and ensure that all financial activity is recorded. Many firms, unfortunately, lack the time or finances to undertake adequate bookkeeping, which dictates the need to outsource the services to professional accountants. 

Businesses in Southampton do not need to be concerned since Mandair & Co provides a specialised bookkeeping service. When you first contact our team, they will meet with you to assess what bookkeeping work is required and develop a work plan that meets your needs. 

So you don’t feel overwhelmed by the workload, we’ll keep you updated on our bookkeeping progress on a frequent basis. 

We can not only provide excellent bookkeeping services, but we can also train your employees. Our goal is to provide you with the tools you need to successfully manage your books through the provision of the necessary information and assistance. Please get in touch with us right away if you’re interested in receiving such training! 


Business Start-Up 

Starting your own business could be hard if you lack the financial knowledge. If you don’t have a financial plan for your firm, you might be setting yourself up for failure. You need business start-up advice from expert accountants in order for your new investment to be risk-free. 

Here at Mandair & Co, we offer financial advice for your business to give you a hand in creating a viable business plan. The services we offer are tailored to your needs. With us being your accountants, you can rest assured that your new Southampton business venture will go as planned. We help your firm with everything related to accounting, ensuring you have all the support you need here in Southampton. Your firm is safe in the hands of Mandair & Co accounting and business tax services experts.  

Of course, our staff in Southampton will consult you to ensure that your goals are achieved leaving you satisfied with our amazing services. You should expect continuous contact from our team in order to ensure that your business is safe. Such support will be key to the growth of your business. 


Payroll Made Easy by Accountants Southampton Can Trust 

Payroll is an important task for all organisations to accomplish since it ensures that employees are paid correctly and on schedule. If you are a huge corporation or a small firm without an in-house accountant, payroll tasks may be tough to execute on a regular basis. As a result, it’s a good idea to have your payroll organised by accountants who can handle everything from tax filing to negotiating with HMRC. 

If you wish to outsource your payroll services to a reputable company, we are the best option. We’ve been aiding businesses with payroll for over 20 years, managing all elements with our professional payroll services. 

Our staff provides rapid and effective assistance in a variety of areas that you can rely on. Everything from branded payslips to bonus payments, incentive plans, and employee incentives has been handled by the team. When you work with our team, you can rest assured that all of your payslips will arrive on time, allowing you to pay your employees as soon as possible.

Tax Return 

If you are self-employed or run a business, filing annual tax returns is necessary, but it can also be a pain. After all, on a daily basis, firms must attend to a range of other critical business activities. We can alleviate you of that burden and ensure that you pay the correct amount of tax when you hire us as your Southampton accountants. Our service ensures that your annual tax return is filed correctly and on time every year, while also saving you money. 

The most significant advantage of hiring specialists, such as our Southampton accountants, is that we may be able to save you money by preparing your tax returns. Businesses frequently overlook costs where they could save money on taxes and, as a result, lose money that could be used for business operations. We can discover all of these cost-cutting opportunities at Mandair & Co and make sure you pay the least amount of VAT and corporation tax possible. 


Tax Investigation 

When it comes to income tax, you can now check whether you are paying exactly what you owe. You can now use our online tool in order to calculate an estimation of what value of income tax you ought to pay for a business year. 

With our tax investigation services, you can now also budget for your self-assessment tax bill if you’re self-employed. To budget for your self-assessment tax obligation for the upcoming tax year, use the self-employed quick reckoner. To get an estimate of how much Income Tax, Class 2 and Class 4 National Insurance you’ll pay, enter your projected weekly or monthly profit. 

Now when it comes to the Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT), you can now calculate the amount of SDLT you’ll have to pay when purchasing or transferring land or property. Use this calculator to calculate your SDLT for the following: Residential property transactions, whether freehold or leased Non-residential (including mixed-use) property transactions, whether freehold or leasehold. 

You can now also calculate your employees’ National Insurance contributions. You can use the calculators or manually use tax tables to confirm your payroll calculations or do a “what if” calculation for the current tax year. Your payroll programme will not accept the figures generated. Payroll cannot be done manually any longer. 

As for Income Tax and National Insurance contributions, you can calculate how much income tax and national insurance payments you’ll have to pay based on your earnings, and learn how the government spends that money. The calculator is designed for persons who pay their taxes under the Pay As You Earn scheme (the system used by employers and pension providers to deduct tax from your wages or pension). It is both free and simple to use. 

We also have a Company Car Calculator tool on our website. Get the chance to calculate the company car tax based on the taxable value and CO2 rating of a vehicle. If you supply company automobiles or fuel to your workers for personal use, you must calculate the taxable value and submit it to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). Unless they’re going to a temporary job, employees’ journeys between home and work are considered private use. 


Forensic Accounting 

While many organisations may not use forensic accounting on a regular basis, it is becoming an increasingly important element of the industry. This is a form of accounting service that comprises investigative accounting work that satisfies a court’s standards. As a result, forensic accounting is essential for organisations that are dealing with legal issues and want to engage professionals to resolve a disagreement. 

Our accountants in Southampton can help you with this. Our forensic accountants have the knowledge and skills to assist in the resolution of charges of tax fraud, money laundering, and other financial crimes. When it comes to detecting fraud or theft, our team is methodical, so you can expect the highest levels of professionalism through our work. 

Our staff will use the training they’ve received to discover account abnormalities and acquire evidence to support or disprove any accusations of wrongdoing. While forensic accountants are not always required, there may be times when they are vital to your company’s performance. You can trust that our experienced staff at Mandair & Co will offer you with the finest possible service in these situations. 


About Us 

Mandair & Co was founded in 1999, and since then, our business has expanded to include a team of 15 dedicated experts. We have extensive experience in a wide range of accounting services, including taxation, finance, and business start-up counselling. 

From single traders and social clubs to partnerships and limited businesses, our accountants have dealt with a wide range of clients. We can still provide the assistance and excellence you need for all your business, accounting, and tax needs, whether your company is a Limited Company, a partnership, or you are self-employed. We work with clients from all across the South of England. 

Our range of accounting services spans all over Winchester, Portsmouth, and Southampton. 


Other Services We Offer 

Some of the other Southampton accounting and business tax services we offer here at Mandair & Co include VAT, tax investigation, business analysis, and even forensic accounting. Our range of Southampton accounting and business tax services also includes offering you financial advice, auto enrolment for pension, and even a mediator for when you experience business disputes. 


Financial Advice 

The range of Southampton accounting and business tax services we offer here at Mandair & Co includes offering you some of the best financial advice you can attain here in Southampton. Our team of 15 financial experts are more than happy to set time aside and assist you through your financial and accounting records. Our comprehensive set of Southampton accounting and business tax services will ensure that your business gets the best financial advice it can get. 


Auto Enrolment for pension 

Our broad range of Southampton accounting and business tax services include our auto-enrolment for pension service. This allows you to administer PAYE, sick pay, national insurance payments, incentive schemes, staff benefits, and even maternity and paternity pay. We will also offer you branded payslips, set up your pension scheme and administration, and even a HM Revenue & Customs monthly statutory form submission. 


The Professional Option For Bookkeeping In Southampton 

Running your own business may appear to be a fantastic opportunity, but there is a less glamorous side to it as well. To keep everything running well, regular housekeeping is essential, which includes bookkeeping. Businesses in Southampton, ranging from single traders to partnerships to small and medium-sized limited corporations, can always turn to Mandair & Co for assistance. 

We do everything from assisting businesses in getting their books in order to building new administrative systems and giving in-house training. For many years, we’ve given Southampton accounting bookkeeping services that are well-known in the business. You may have complete peace of mind while focusing on building your business with Mandair & Co. 

At Mandair & Co, we offer a comprehensive service that ensures you get the best possible result. Taking on the books might be intimidating, which is why we’re here to help Southampton businesses with bookkeeping. With our assistance, your firm will experience great growth while avoiding any financial problems that could jeopardise the entire operation. 

You’ll be allocated a personal client manager right away, who will make it their purpose to provide you with a service that’s personalised to your needs. They’ll analyse your books, establish your company’s needs, and assist you with any associated questions. Southampton may rest easy knowing that we’ll jump right in as the greatest alternative for bookkeeping. 

State-of-the-art software packages are at the heart of the service we provide. Our team specialises in recommending the best package for each client’s needs, and if you currently have one, we’ll provide a more efficient option. 

You can trust our Southampton accounting and bookkeeping experts to match you with the proper software because they are familiar with a wide range of programmes ranging in specification and price. 

The best part is that we’ll even show you and your team how to properly use the software. This way, you can avoid any problems that arise as a result of a lack of understanding. We at Mandair & Co think that your accountant should be accessible and accessible. After all, there could be a slew of stuff that you don’t understand. 

Southampton clients merely need to consult a member of our team if they have any enquiries about bookkeeping. We strive to be as accommodating as possible, working at a speed that meets your needs. Nothing is more frustrating than working with an accountant who expects you to fit in around them. We work around your schedule at Mandair & Co, so you have one less thing to worry about. 

Taxation, Finance, Accountancy, Business Advice.

Why Choose our Accountancy Firm in Southampton? 

Hiring a professional accountant can be highly beneficial if you’re a small business owner attempting to get your finances in order. Mandair & Co accountants can help you avoid the pitfalls of running a business, saving you money and ridding you of the risk of breaking the law. The world of banking, which is plagued with complexity, can seem scary to the inexperienced. 

When you’re unfamiliar with the situation, it’s much simpler to make hasty decisions that could cost you a lot of money in the long run. 

Hiring a professional accounting firm like Mandair & Co has a number of advantages, including providing you with a comprehensive tax consultation tailored to your unique needs. These advantages also help you save time and money by reducing costs and errors. We can also help you with complicated accounting procedures. 

As you can see, there’s a lot to gain by enlisting the help of our financial experts. You’ll only spend what you need with our help, and you might even save money in the long run. 


Should you like to acquire more insight as to what our Southampton accounting and business tax services entail, please visit our testimonials page. Some of our previous customers were kind enough to leave us some stellar reviews taking on their customer experience while receiving our set of Southampton accounting and business tax services. 

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Our Online Resources 

The online Southampton accounting and business tax services we offer here at Mandair & Co aim at making our services as accessible as possible. For that reason, we offer some direct calculation services for the following reasons:  

  • Income Tax 
  • Budget for your Self-Assessment Tax Bill if You’re Self-Employed 
  • Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) Calculate Your Employee’s National Insurance Contributions 
  • Income Tax and National Insurance contributions 
  • Company Car Calculation 

Areas we Service 

The areas we have grown to service here at Mandair & Co now include Southampton, Portsmouth, and Winchester. Please find below the contact information for each of our servicing areas: 

Southampton: 02380 332882Portsmouth: 02392 756440Winchester: 01962 795001 

Contact the Expert Accountants in Southampton 

If you have been looking for the best accounting services Southampton has to offer, then you are in luck. Here at Mandair & Co, we offer the broadest set of accounting services in all of Southampton. In the case that you would like to benefit from our stellar Southampton accounting services, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Our team of accounting experts will guarantee that you receive the best set of accounting services in all of Southampton. Call our accounting team today on 02380 332882, or email us at, and our team of accounting experts will be at your service.